The PLACETM combines the expertise of clinical researchers and expert methodologists to benefit not only patients, but also public and private payers as they struggle to answer questions of reimbursement, coverage, appropriateness, and quality. This much-needed research work in a solutions-oriented, methodologically rigorous manner has the potential to transform the face of acute care delivery and improve outcomes for all patients.

The PLACETM services include:

  • Research and analytic plan development
  • Research execution resources
    • access to data
    • statistical programming expertise for large data sets
    • administrative support
  • Writing and editorial staff and expertise
  • Administrative support for funding, grants, data requests, and human subject approval

The PLACETM areas of expertise within acute and emergency care include:

  • Clinical expertise
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Health care financing
  • Local, state, and federal issues
  • Quality metrics
  • Organization of health care services
  • Patient-centered care
  • Public policy
  • Vulnerable populations and outcome disparities

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at: [email protected]