Emergency department use is on the rise, and there is a heightened emphasis placed on emergency care as an integral component of our health care system (see IOM report and Health Policy Brief on transforming emergency care in HealthAffairs). The PLACETM is unique in its explicit research focus on acute care and emergency medicine, with an emphasis on the systems aspects of the delivery and financing of care, and related health and social policy.

Our approach is uniquely interdisciplinary. The PLACETM brings together the critical expertise of clinical researchers, intimately familiar with the everyday challenges experienced by providers and patients, and the specialized research and analytical expertise required to conduct deeply rigorous studies of population data. We also incorporate the often-forgotten tenet of health care equity, and much of our research explicitly focuses on reducing and eventually eliminating health disparities that exist in the acute care system.

By bringing together highly skilled practitioners and researchers, The PLACETM rigorously tackles key questions about the systems to best deliver acute care services, from geolocation of acute care services to measuring value within hospitals and health care systems.