ADVISORY: UCSF Offers Free Dental Screenings

Oct 19, 2017
UCSF will offer free dental screenings to adults and children as part of San Francisco’s Potrero Hill Festival and the Southeast Community Health Fair.

UCSF to Lead Hungry for Change: Food Insecurity, Stress and Obesity

Oct 18, 2017
UC San Francisco experts on hunger, obesity and nutrition will present the eleventh annual sugar, stress, environment and weight (SSEW) symposium.

FDA Warning Leads to Rise in More Invasive Fibroid Surgeries

Oct 17, 2017
An FDA warning against a tool used to break up fibroid tissue during laparoscopic surgeries has led to a shift toward more invasive surgeries for hysterectomies for women with uterine fibroids.

UCSF Shows Courage and Community in Response to Northern California Wildfires

Oct 12, 2017
UCSF community members are responding to the Northern California in several ways.

Congress Supports the NIH, But Questions Remain About Key Federal Funding Stream

Oct 11, 2017
Congress has supported NIH funding for the current fiscal year, but issues around key types of funding remain.

Atul Butte Appointed to Governor’s Advisory Committee on Precision Medicine

Oct 5, 2017
Atul Butte has been appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Precision Medicine, a new group of experts that will contribute to the state’s continuing efforts to use advanced computing and technology to better understand, treat and prevent disease.

Many Hospitals Still Not Using Digital Patient Health Information

Oct 2, 2017
U.S. hospitals are making slow progress in ensuring that their providers have access to and use patients’ complete electronic health records when those patients have also received care from outside providers.

Protein Pair Keeps Brain Function Stable

Sep 27, 2017
UCSF have discovered that two molecular partners interact at synapses to maintain stable neuronal function.

Multi-Gene Test Predicts Alzheimer’s Better than APOE E4 Alone

Sep 22, 2017
A new test that combines the effects of more than two dozen genetic variants, does a better job of predicting which cognitively normal older adults will go on to develop Alzheimer’s dementia than testing for APOE E4.

How Ketogenic Diets Curb Inflammation

Sep 22, 2017
Ketogenic diets — that have long been known to benefit epilepsy and other neurological illnesses — may work by lowering inflammation in the brain, according to new research by UCSF scientists.

University of California Cancer Consortium Takes on California’s $14 Billion Killer

Sep 11, 2017
The University of California’s five academic cancer centers, have formed a consortium to better address California’s most pressing cancer-related problems and opportunities.

Top Avoidable Emergency Room Visits: Alcohol, Dental Issues and Depression

Sep 1, 2017
Alcohol abuse, dental conditions and depression were among the top causes of avoidable emergency room visits nationally.

Low-Cost Preventive Care May Help Heart Health for People with Serious Mental Illness

Sep 1, 2017
A UCSF study identified a cost-effective way to ensure that people with serious mental illness receive frequent cardiovascular screening: an evidence-based integrated care model that leverages technology.

UCSF Responds to Harvey by Activating Global Disaster Assistance Committee

Aug 31, 2017
UCSF is activating a committee to consider what responses may be appropriate for UCSF to take in aiding in the aftermath of tropical depression Harvey.

New UCSF Program Aims to Advance Equity in Genomic Medicine in the Bay Area

Aug 29, 2017
A team of UCSF researchers will receive $11.7 million over four years from the National Institutes of Health to launch a new Program in Prenatal and Pediatric Genomic Sequencing at UCSF.

Nancy Adler Honored by The New York Academy of Medicine

Aug 25, 2017
The New York Academy of Medicine has named Nancy Adler a recipient of the 2017 Academy Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Biomedical Science.

UCSF to Develop National Network for Health Data of Sexual, Gender Minorities

Aug 22, 2017
UCSF and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital aim to help address the dearth of medical research addressing sexual or gender minorities through an ambitious national program to collect data that could help to answer the most basic questions about their health.

Talk Therapy with ‘Self-Forgiveness’ Focus Eases PTSD in Vets Who Have Killed

Aug 17, 2017
Veterans who have killed in combat and suffer from nightmares, hyper-vigilance to perceived threats, and numbness to people and activities that once made them happy, may be helped by a six-to-eight week talk therapy program.

From Threat to Opportunity: Study Shows Cigarette Makers Shifted Stance on Nicotine Patches, Gum

Aug 17, 2017
A new study reports that tobacco companies have known for decades that, without counseling, NRT hardly ever works, and that consumers often use it to complement smoking.

A Laughing Matter: SF Comedian Looks to Tell the Stories of Dementia Patients, Caregivers

Aug 16, 2017
The Global Brain Health Institute has brought in its first class of Atlantic Fellows. The 32 fellows are taking a range of classes and pursuing projects with the goal of returning to their communities with knowledge and skills to implement changes impacting brain health.